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Behind the Life Around Me

It was Wednesday 15 August 2007, the name came to mind for the first time – Life Around Me. I’ve created a space with that name in blogspot and that was the beginning. After a while Bapin bhai bought this domain name for me and I started dreaming to become a blogger.

At my work I’ve designed several WordPress themes for different clients but was unable to design one for me. I am feeling really good because I am going to publish a brand new post for a brand new blog that could be claimed as my site.

I am thankful to many persons for many reasons. For this site I am really thankful to Shafiq bhai and Rony bhai for developing this theme. I’ve bugged them lot and wasted their real valuable time – thank you very much!

I want to thank all the commentators of my previous life around me site who inspired me to building this site. I hope they will keep coming to this site as well and inspire me as they always did.

I am thankful to ebizzsol and Bapin bhai for their enormous supports and helps.

Thank you all.

By Nazimuddaula

In love with the idea of love

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