GRE Preparation

I don’t understand why these type of words learning is necessary. They gave me few sheets of paper with thousands of unknown and peculiar words – amity, apogee, aplomb, affinity, ameliorate, abstinence, abase, copious, coiffure, carafe, caulk…

I never used these words and I don’t know if I’ll need to use them later. They asked me to memorize them! It’s really tough to learn something when you don’t get any reason to use them as everyday’s tools.

The maths part of GRE is interesting. It needs practice – thats all. But when they asked me about the words, I start see everything blurry. In last test of vocabulary I scored 15 out of 40. So poor! Because the highest scorer got 39.

Anyway, I am not worried. I believe in slow and steady process. I hope I’ll learn some techniques of memorizing the words. May be you also can help me with that. Do you have any suggestion?

By Nazimuddaula

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i dont know whether i can help u or not but i have some idea for u to memorize them.people says we need practice to have the things in long term memory but we always misunderstand. if u want to learn them first use them with ur own language, i mean mix them up not forever just to memorize them.thats it…but its too old idea na? sorry,if it doesnt work. bcz, mere pas to ye ek hi idea tha….!

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