i am trying to show this site to many people because i really enjoyed working with this project. the blog page is yet not completed. i hope you can see this page with some nice post within a very short time. josh da gave me all the opportunities to make the site better. first it was a challenge for me to plan this site. i am not so good in this sector. some of my friends criticized it’s too whitish surface. but i like it. my main point of concentration was to make the site easy accessible for the users and i’ve tried my best to give it a simple ordinary look. your constructive comment will help me to go further. thank you.

By Nazimuddaula

In love with the idea of love

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Dear Josh Da,
i don’t know whether this lines will reach you or not, but if you ever read this msg please call me just for once if possible. i miss you.
swati, santiniketan

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