A Falling Leaf

These days I try to study hard as the preparation of GRE. There are too things to study but I don’t get much time for that. So often I utilize the time when I travel by a rickshaw.

Today I was on the way to office and I was busy with the GRE word list. Suddenly a brown leaf fallen on my papers breaking my concentration. It was like the nature is protesting my avoidance to her. So I took the leaf in my bag and brought it to office.

Lastly now after taking a photograph I am going to publish it with few words.

By Nazimuddaula

In love with the idea of love

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Very interesting !!! Isssssssssssssssshhhhhhhh —– jodi milon bhaier khub pochonder meyeta evabe tooook kore kache eshe bolto milon — mujse sadi korogi !!!!

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