Love Around Me :: Love is a Problem

I’ve published a post in my previous blog about LOVE few months ago. So far it’s still one of my best writings. Well it’s not a big deal, but I yet didn’t able to say that girl about what I feel about her. Though I’m not sure if it’s called ‘love’ but this is still the biggest mystery to me.

To be honest, I often find myself thinking about this girl. I’m sure she has no idea about it and now when I’m writing this line, it seems something very silly. But again, it’s damn true.

May be that’s the most interesting part of love – it may sounds silly but no way to overlook. Sometime I find myself so unlucky, again so lucky!

Love could be a problem but we dare to face that problem, everyday.

By Nazimuddaula

In love with the idea of love

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go ahead. things r really dificult like love. but cheak ur emotional, i m not advising u.just trying to make ur concern about it. i dont know who r u but u really write good. more thoughtful, more balanced and more imaginative way u think more than me,,,obviously!

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