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morning shows the day

‘morning shows the day’ it’s a good proverb to me. everyday when I set my first step, i try to imagine the whole day and the good thing is it make some senses. i could imagine a rough sketch of the whole day at the very beginning. often it doesn’t match and mostly it happen with the good things, like sometime when I feel bore and everything miserable, a surprising call come from someone which brings some happiness… may be very small but important. sometime the negative things also happen. but it’s a chain reaction; like good brings the good and the bad brings the bad… sunday is always an unpredictable day for me. it’s the weekend for me and sometime i feel unlucky for that. all other of my friends got friday as weekend. so mostly i have to pass a lonely day and i became habituate enjoying the loneliness and normally i don’t want to keep any schedule for this day. it’s a full free day and i want to do whatever comes to my mind. sometime i pass the day just as a movie day; sometime i go to see my grandma, sometime meet some friends or sometime motionless- only concentrate on myself, try to hear what it wants to say. one of my friends called me few minutes ago and told me that today i am having a very good mood. it’s true I think…


Sunday, home, 22:35

By Nazimuddaula

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Good practice… bad practice = Great !!!

Ami o ta mene choli shobsomoy. jamon- basha theke ber hower shomoy keo jeno pichon theke na dake,khub beshi mone korte thaki proyojonio kichu fele jacchi naki jar jonno abar bashai fire jete hobe. Karon ete naki amongol hoy.Ar she rokom kichu na hole valo kichu na ghotleo… Mone tripti nia kaje jete pari.

so.Think it’s a very good practice. RRRRRRRR bad practice- Thakna… Na bolleee ki noi.!!!

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