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… doesn’t lie

it’s a huge day. So the crowd is huge all around. I’ve started the day bit different than usual. The weather is too harsh… but it could be even worse if there weren’t few drops of rain last night. I found myself so stupid in the very first day of the year. Then I tried to start it usual way. I went to charukala… my own world. But it seemed everything mocking to me, which I couldn’t stand anymore. So I came back home, turn on the tv, watching a documentary about fishing. Then sat in front my pc and found some work to do and I’ve started feeling good. Machine doesn’t lie actually…

13:45, Monday

By Muhammad Nazimuddaula

A multidisciplinary Graphic Designer, specialising in Product Design with more than 10 years of work experience. Co-founded an advertising technology startup in 2009 at Dhaka, Bangladesh that was acquired in 2015. Passionate about simplifying the complex requirements and delivering great project plans for better user experience.

1 reply on “… doesn’t lie”

Dammmmnnnn…. you are seriously turning into a pariah, or a social outcast, being all nihilistic and all… ishhhhh…

-PS: These could be some gud vocab words for u… LOL !!!


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