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The post working with typography got the highest visit among all the posts of this blog. It’s really wonderful. I am really grateful to them who commented there. They inspired me to create the full set of the typography. It’s really a work of patience. I could find many problems in the set after completing it. The more I am working with it, more I am learning. Hopefully I am going to make it as a ‘font’ so that I can use it when I type a sentence. It’ll need some more detailing and I also have to learn a font creating software. I’ll keep a copy here so that people can download it and check it. so keep in touch.

By Nazimuddaula

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thank you very much 🙂 i am working with the technical development, so that someone can use it as a type font. i’ll let you know when it’ll be done.

@bishnu: yes, you are right. i didn’t know about fontlab by the time i’ve been designing this font. but i’ve created the conjunct alphabets manually. this one was a class project and i was asked to show the designs of the main alphabets. now days i do use fontlab.

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