Love Madness Process


sometime we need to burst into tears… the sorrows needed to spring out. but very few lucky person can make it. who can guarantee the happiness? its too relative… you can’t be sure. you can’t say you’ll be happy or sorry only for your own reasons… i don’t know how people could make such ‘perfect’ music. i am listening ‘maresias’ of dj robert miles in a loop… its so perfect for this moment. its taking me somewhere i don’t know… making me feel i am alone… thats happiness! i have some really very important work to do but can’t concentrate. the reasons are so silly but heart breaking. i need to burst…

By Nazimuddaula

In love with the idea of love

One reply on “maresias…”

after a long u r right..sometime we need to burst into tears as i did last day….i felt a horrible holowness inside me…i couldnt figure out the presence of that emptyness bt i was heartly feeling it…its like i was sipping invisible toxic…i dont know why bt i cried n screamed as much i can…(later vomitted out) then i felt i need to sleep n when i went to sleep..i thought, i so happy…someone love me a lot bt why i cried so much!!! whts pain is explanation as usual..but u know it made me happy after all..
y dont u write me?yeah its up to u bt i cheak it everyday..i pray 4 u friend whrever u r…

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