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love around me :: when things go wrong

I am feeling jealous with those who think themselves happy in love matter. To me love is something so simple like every day’s life; you’d like to live for it. It becomes the most complicated when happens in wrong way. Before expressing, it’s not a big deal… it probably could create some deep sighs. But it could be the worst thing if it’s understood after expressing it to a wrong person. So people should think at least twice, thrice… as many times possible. It’s something you can’t withdraw. The saddest part of life is to let a wrong person know that you love her/him.

By Nazimuddaula

In love with the idea of love

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Dammn Straitt….. So true, So true
Though it does have some plagiarized content in it … *WINK**WINK*
Stay outta the water for sum time, alright !!!

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