2009: it could be better!

[caption id=”attachment_166" align=”alignnone” width=”620" caption=”1: i like travelling and i wanted to be the first user of tripbd. 2: prothom alo is one of the biggest brand in bangladesh. the log was created by such biggest one; qayyum chowdhury. 3: i really like this logo and really feel proud that i’ve created this one :) “]



it took more than 3 months to write something about what happening around me. there were few reasons:

> recently i’ve realized that my english is real bad and i am ashamed of it
> there were no good stories… not bad stories though
> i am in a loop

i was at srimangal when the calender was changing. before i went there, i thought to write a review about the concluding year. but it didn’t happen. srimangal tour was wonderful. we were a group of 20 and we stayed in a bungalow of tea garden.

now i am thinking about the year 2009… i don’t know what should i say about it. most of the time it seemed i am not having a good time though in the meantime i’ve got the chance to work with some great projects like tripbd.com, prothom-alo.com, goromcha.com… and once again i’ve fallen in love! but right now i am with bare hands and mind, looking toward the infinity for a miracle. it’s true i never lose my faith.