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half full vs half empty!

summer :: rainy season :: nature
summer :: rainy season :: nature

first of all i’d like to add three of my recent works which i’ve done as my academic projects… as i’ve promised in my last post that i’ll let you know some updates about my work. well, i believe i am a good worker. so if you ask me about that, it’s normally a positive answer. i still have some running projects in my hand which i know will be appreciated. but i could find a gap somewhere in myself which really rising some question ahead me. what’s the problem with me? i always dream about a simple life… ‘simple but valuable’… at least valuable to me. but… i could find lots of ‘but’ which i don’t like. i don’t want to see me confused…

By Nazimuddaula

In love with the idea of love

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really nice work…
though we were nettled by the scorching hit and humid summer. but i’m going to miss the brightness of summer as you drawn it.
and the rain… my favorite … and you pictured it awesome… i don’t understand art. i just feel art with my eyes. may be not with my heart. but your rain touches my feel. i just wished it will be rain within a minute.

thanks 🙂

@sakib vai: i found this post more rich than any other because of your poetic touch on it. i am honored!

@tarik: typography is my favorite… and i always like to talk about it. so you are most welcome.

i got thirsty whn i was looking on the pic u posted here randomly…want of rain….lolz….i thought i will write 2 u very soon bt un4tunately i couldnt…m not dat much bz BUT bz with sm thoughts…2day i havnt come 2 cmnt on ur site bt 2 propose smthing….will u agree?

i would BUT m not feeling 2 tell u 2day….probably, i don hav dat gut…or i need more time…b fine..

by the way, u hav become more confident…u was BUT nw its diffrent a bit…lolz….BUT good anyway….ha hah ahaha

I loved the last one. It reminds me of a story I read once …long time ago, when I was 8 or 9 probably….but I have forgotten the words to it. I remember being happy when I read it so now, even though I forgot the story I still feel happy seeing the poster. 🙂

when i was working with this poster my friends were talking that it’s going to be a very childish something… and after finishing that i realized that it was a really hard work. there was something which inspired me lot… did i also know the story?

Maybe… I had a habit (still do) of reading anything that I could lay my eyes and then carrying the book to where-ever I went until I finished it. Once I took a book over 800 pages to a dentist’s waiting room, ammu went inside and I was waiting. It was around 1 (noon), I remember two men laughing at me and saying ‘ai picchir ki khida lagena naki khida lagle khali boi pore!’ Maybe I took the book to nanur-basha or naur-basha theke porsi… don’t remember.

I think childhood is the most beautiful part of life. Most of us forget how it felt as we grow up …so to be able recreate that carefree feeling of happiness is one of the hardest things. So that’s why the last one is my favorite 🙂

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