Absolute Loneliness!

What is death? It’s one of my favorite thinking when I feel lonely. Is death loneliness, absolute loneliness! The day before yesterday I saw someone known to me passed away. I was thinking when walking with the funeral procession to the graveyard – I have the same destiny!

It’s being said that spirit never dies. So how I am going to exist with only that spirit? I can’t imagine, but it’s reality that people will forget me as I’ve already forgotten many of my dearest persons. People like me who believe in God always pray a peaceful life after the death.

I don’t know what the word ‘peaceful’ means here. Is it something like tolerable loneliness?

By Nazimuddaula

In love with the idea of love

2 replies on “Absolute Loneliness!”

death to me is like freedom. i think like this, if i had an eternal life and no change occurs physically then i would certainly feel like i am in a prison. i think death lets my spirit be freed from my body and live a life, which i deserved.

literally, i can’t finish explaining death. but in short that’s how i put my opinion about death and afterlife. i personally love to die to be freed from this terrible complex insane world, where you see people are dieing starving and on the other side people are living with mountains of wealth wasting money for their luxury. just a disgusting world.

i agree the way you thought… but we can’t be sure and that’s the problem. life on material earth mostly painful but we are afraid to die because we are not sure if that’s a better life. sometime death seems to me like a deep sleep with dreams. as our religion says about good or bad deeds, i think that matters with the dreams. a deep sound sleep with peaceful dreams means a good amount of good deeds and thoughts which actually produce the dreams!

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