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this was the very first screen shot of latest prothom alo website. till now it has changed lot...

i am congratulating myself… the new is live now!

a year back when i first got the call from the daily star, it was like a dream to me. last one year i’ve passed half of my office time watching the news sites. i am still doing the same thing and comparing my work with the standard of the leading news sites and found that may be i’ve fulfill a dream of mine somehow but it’s still far way to go! prothom alo is the highest visited website of the country. so the plan was making it the biggest news website of the country. I was so pleased that people chose to stop here after perhaps a game of online bingo ( or in between checking their emails. i know there are still lot of opportunities to serve the users but i hope this’d be an example. i am still studying and hope the next one would be definitely better and i am waiting to tell you about that.

By Nazimuddaula

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it is a really good design, i am suprised with the work from bangladesh, tell me did you just do the design or did you do the whole thing from user requirement analysis to design to construct.
What CMS is used? was it a custom CMS or open scource? and what did you charge? Anyway let me know I am based in the UK.

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