am i going to be famous?

this illustration was done by the prothom alo design team. i liked this one and found it perfect for my post!

the new prothom alo website has launched last 16 september. within last two weeks we have experienced ‘somethings’ which were really very new to all of us. prothom alo had published an ad on that day in their printed newspaper declaring the lunching of their new website which has brought million of visitors to the newly launched website. according to alexa, on this day got the highest visitors within it’s present history. that was wonderful… again alarming for us. we should agree that we had some limitations which has caused sufferings for many visitors… they didn’t able to reach the website. but within few hours we have able to fix maximum of the obstacles. after that we start getting feedbacks from users… more than three thousands of feedback within just 48 hours! it’s true there were some feedback criticizing the new design… some of them were really considerable and we are still trying to combine them to the website.

well, today prothom alo published an article about this new website. they mentioned our name in the article… ha ha ha! am i going to be famous? it’s something new to me and the truth is i am feeling good.

thanks prothom alo!