Understanding Abstract Arts

Most abstract arts we can see around are just random – in some cases pure ‘sales-bait’; which means some artists can figure out a specific style that they can sell easily. In these cases most likely the artists themselves are unable to explain their works or they’ll simply lie.

But if you really want to understand abstraction – it’s not that hard. It’s with us all the time.

Imagine – how you’ll picture your dream if you’re asked to do so? Maybe you’ll never agree to draw it on a paper. But if you’re forced to do it – the output will be something semi-abstract. You’ll use your real life experiences to create that representation. The chances are really high that it’ll look weird, irregular and disproportionate.

If you ask a kid to do the same, their output will be more abstract. Because their representations will have less resemblances with reality.

Abstraction is a state of mind which most people don’t want to express.

By Nazimuddaula

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