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walk in the rain

Its the eid day morning but its raining too hard. Its good; probably its going to wash away all the sorrows, anxieties… brings freshness, happiness. Now its really raining too hard. I got up early in the morning… too earlier than normal days. I was walking through the silent village paths. It was before the rain… nature seemed bit different in it look. Its dawn but its dark cloudy… something mysterious cinematic lighting. It started raining when I was middle of the way and before I start writing I was walking in the rain. Ha ha ha… so poetic!

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Boshonto, the season of flowers

bosonter rong…
[it’s one of my oldest post. first i’ve published it in my msn space a year back. it’s still one of my favorite writing.]

tomorrow is ‘pohela falgun’ – the 1st day of Spring… we called it ‘boshonto’ in Bangla. its one of the most colorful festival here. i don’t know why, but people use ‘yellow shades’ to represent the boshonto. girls wear yellow sharis, boys wear panjabi (i never do it, because it seems little funny to me)… mostly those boys and girls who are in an affair try to celebrate this day. it got a different meaning since last few years. 13 february is pohela falgun, 14 february is valentine day. so these two days became a synonyms for each other. we are a lucky nation…people around the world celebrate valentine day just for one day, but we celebrate it double day.