GRE Preparation

I don’t understand why these type of words learning is necessary. They gave me few sheets of paper with thousands of unknown and peculiar words – amity, apogee, aplomb, affinity, ameliorate, abstinence, abase, copious, coiffure, carafe, caulk…

I never used these words and I don’t know if I’ll need to use them later. They asked me to memorize them! It’s really tough to learn something when you don’t get any reason to use them as everyday’s tools.

The maths part of GRE is interesting. It needs practice – thats all. But when they asked me about the words, I start see everything blurry. In last test of vocabulary I scored 15 out of 40. So poor! Because the highest scorer got 39.

Anyway, I am not worried. I believe in slow and steady process. I hope I’ll learn some techniques of memorizing the words. May be you also can help me with that. Do you have any suggestion?


When Things Go Wrong

Sometimes my own attitude scares me – it seems completely insane. I lose my control and can’t realize actually what I am doing or thinking or even talking. I don’t know why this happen.

Today the day started with a crazy behavior of mine. I don’t want to describe it here but it’s hurting me all through the day – why did I act like this. I can hear the news on TV, it’s the same repeating news since the morning… the cyclone disaster!

Last night I took a sudden decision of sit for the GRE test. Today I got admitted to a coaching center for the preparation and I went there to attend the first class. I was very hungry and went to a nearby fast food shop to have something before my class. I had just few minutes in my hand and I asked the waiter to serve me something ready made. He gave me a burger with fries. It was okay. I took a glass of drinks too.

After finishing the food I went to the counter to pay the bill. I was astonished with the amount of the bill. How is it possible? I asked again. The waiter came and explained it with details. It was too high! I just had a feeling – everyone is making fun with me.

I came to the class. I hope by now you can guess what happened there. Yes, you are absolutely right – there was no teacher or student! The front desk person told me that I got the wrong information about class schedules – the class suppose to happen next morning.

I made a call to one of my friends standing on the street. It was early night, so I wanted to spend the time with any friend. I called once, twice… no reply.

I walked alone for an hour, stand motionless beside the street; saw people and cars are passing me.