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yo! this is goromcha… is live for public from 9 january 2010. i guess it’s not such a long time. but we are happy to announce that it’s reaching more people than we’ve expected. there are lot more features are yet to be added… we have some cool marketing plan to bring the site to all kind of internet users. ‘gorom cha’ means ‘hot tea’ which we think the everyday’s drink for all kind of people in bangladesh. the aim of this site is to become such a everyday’s part! we believe it deserves that.

Gratitude Sleepless Universe

new look, new start

life around me
this is the life, around me... with hopes and uncertainty too!

first i should thank rifat vai… otherwise it’d take few more weeks to live this new theme. the design was ready few more weeks back but it was totally uncertain how it’ll be developed. everyone seems to be busy!

when i look to other designs, i just wish to do lot of things with my design. they are so creative, extra ordinary. but practically i always find limitations. well, this is a step for some other new things. so keep in touch!

i’ve designed a desktop theme for this latest release of thanks in advance for downloading: [1024×768] | [1280×800] | [1366×768] | [1440×900] | [1280×1024] | [1152×864] | [1680×1050]

Daydream Gratitude Universe Weekend

its mine :))

my laptop

It was like a dream and my luck clicked just at the very right time. I have a laptop of my own now… it’s true. Last two days were required to believe that I really got it at last. It’s a Toshiba satellite a215 series with amd athlon 1.80 dual-core processor, 160 gb hdd, 2048 mb ram and 15.4 diagonal display. I got the courage to buy it after getting a handsome payment from one of my work. It was really tough to decide the brand and I was really surprised with the cost that here local vendors were asking. Its almost double than the asking online price. but I am lucky that way. i came to know about the and I find there this laptop at the very first click. I was sure about my requirements and I just decided to buy it at the very first moment. Then it took few more days for the negotiation and other preparation and at last I got it in my hand on last Sunday. I got it in a very convenient price which I even couldn’t imagine. I don’t know exactly whom I should thank. Because there were many people involve in the total story. I am grateful to all of them.

Gratitude Universe

Behind the Life Around Me

It was Wednesday 15 August 2007, the name came to mind for the first time – Life Around Me. I’ve created a space with that name in blogspot and that was the beginning. After a while Bapin bhai bought this domain name for me and I started dreaming to become a blogger.

At my work I’ve designed several WordPress themes for different clients but was unable to design one for me. I am feeling really good because I am going to publish a brand new post for a brand new blog that could be claimed as my site.

I am thankful to many persons for many reasons. For this site I am really thankful to Shafiq bhai and Rony bhai for developing this theme. I’ve bugged them lot and wasted their real valuable time – thank you very much!

I want to thank all the commentators of my previous life around me site who inspired me to building this site. I hope they will keep coming to this site as well and inspire me as they always did.

I am thankful to ebizzsol and Bapin bhai for their enormous supports and helps.

Thank you all.