Love around me: part 3: ‘Love made visible’

My concept about love has changed within last few months. It seems so easy, again more complicated than I’ve imagined. But it’s true that love made many things visible to me. I never find myself that much emotional before. I always kept a strategy ‘never tell the girl how you feel about her, just keep it inside you’. Well, I had some logics for such attitude which are not working now. Love let you pick colors from whatever you see, it makes you concern that when the moon gets the biggest shape, and it makes you feel that a rain drop isn’t just a water drop. Again it’ll let you find some pain that you might never felt… shed your tears no matter how tough person you are or even make the total life meaningless though you are very successful in your professional or academic life. Years back I saw a movie ‘enemy at the gate’ where the story was about two soldiers who fallen in love with a same girl. A war isn’t always a conflict between two nations. Love causes war too. If you don’t agree with me that means you have to fall in love very soon.

Nb: don’t take the ‘war’ part as a funny matter… its serious. You could find hundreds of example from the history of world. Even I could begin the world war iii for only the cause of love.