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Big bang!!!

Sigh… I know its 9 april but don’t know which day it is. Last 8 days I just had one thinking in my mind… even when I dreamed in my sleep, I just saw this thing. It’s over now and suddenly I have nothing to do… silence after the big bang! Nothing was perfect but somehow it’s okay. There were hundreds of mistakes in the catalog, the website still incomplete, there was no dhaki (folk drummer) and so the rally was almost silent. The food was readymade, not that much tasty. Lot of problems in the management but I don’t know why many of my friends thanked for the effort. Most of the senior said it was superb. Teachers said they even didn’t imagine that much could be happened in such short time… it’s like a milestone. I am happy because I myself even didn’t expect that much. There was hundreds of crisis, obstacles… but now nothing seems impossible. Well, I wanted to publish a post and let my readers know about the exhibition. But I am sorry, I didn’t get the time.

I’ve learnt few things:
1. work let you forget everything, even it’ll let you forget yourself.
2. you should have a ‘rhino skin’ if you are a part of the management of an event.
3. duniya shokter vokto, noromer jom
4. sobai to amra amrai. Doshe-gune achi, thaki na kichudin…

09.04.08, 23:55