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I got the mark sheet of bfa final year exam yesterday which made me realize how bad student I am. I was never a good student and to be true I don’t have the quality to gain a brilliant academic result. But I always like to act as if I am a good student… how foolish I am! After getting the mark sheet, I went to the chairman of the examination to ask him about it. I was trembling and I didn’t find anything to say… I could remember my works that I did for the exam and realize how silly works these were! Sometime I loose my respect to my teachers when they failed teaches me to respect myself.
needed 7 long years to gain this piece of paper…

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long expected

result of bfa 2004, graphic design

I wanted to write about it earlier. But many things happened in last 15 days and I didn’t get time for that. It’s a huge thing but happened almost silently. After 7 years 8 months and 3 days, we got a formal declaration of achieving a bachelor degree. It was a too long great time. The list you can see on the picture is our result sheet. Congratulations to everyone of the list.