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completeness !!!

Sometime… actually very few moments I find myself so happy. It’s not like that the other times I am unhappy. But the point is that at some particular moment I could realize completeness of mine, a balance distribution of all my needs, so successful, so rich, and so lucky. The day before yesterday night it was drizzling and I was traveling by an open hood rickshaw. The weather was wonderful, the streets was blank… everything so calm, clean and comfortable. Suddenly I just realized ‘it’s the best time to die’! Completeness means an end of something. We like to live to fulfill some absences. So the feeling of some absences isn’t a bad thing actually. It could be inspiration, synonym of hope. So don’t feel sorry when you wake up middle of your sleep and check your cell and find nothing in missed call list or find yourself so alone at a Sunday evening. I should know the things I am thinking now aren’t so important in real life. Time doesn’t hear anything. It goes as it asked to go. We just are traveling with it…