Photoshop CS3

Photoshop became a part of my life because I spend almost 8 hours with this software everyday. I am used to with just Photoshop 7 version though adobe has introduced some other newer version within last 2/3 years. Once I’ve tried the Photoshop CS years back but it didn’t suit me. Few days ago I’ve installed the Photoshop CS3 and worked few project there. I liked it. It’s much better than the CS though I still prefer the 7 because I learnt Photoshop with this version and I know it better. From the very first day I liked mostly three new features of CS3:

1: its revised hand tool which allowed you to scroll the canvas all around the screen and let you work at the last pixel of canvas.
2: option to create folder inside a folder and multiple layers selection option just with a ctrl+click.
3: cool interface.

I think it must have some other new options and there are some problems too. You must have to have a very good configured pc. It took almost 2.5 gb hard disk space and when it works you can’t work with other software properly. If you increase the history states and you work with a large file, it starts showing ‘scratch disk full’ message. Otherwise it’s a cool software and I hope I am going to like it.