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It has a long story!

RongDhong was an idea which I heard first time in middle of a night – that was a pleasant story. Later a long time passed which brought a bad story. After blending lot of good and bad stories, RongDhong became public at the middle of 2011.

RongDhong brings stories of life, the writers of RongDhong are you! It doesn’t need any expert opinion or any very thoughtful message. If any of your stories which you think will help other people, can be published here.

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Do It and Die…

I didn’t go so closer to the sea before. It’s something I can’t tell in words. I had some very weird feelings – I was thinking I am too close to meet my destination, it’s a chance. I was shouting to the roaring waves… take me with you.

I don’t know or even can’t imagine for how long it’s jumping like a white horse or the noises are expression of joy or anger. It’s monotonous but I think I can pass years just with watching and listening.

After the sun set I found myself all alone. I can’t explain the feelings – something like heart breaking but charming, that some kind of sadness you can enjoy. On the dark night with a full sky of stars the sea seems really furious. Its dark but the sea is visible with reflection of stars.

The next day when we were moving to another island Chera Dwip by boat, the first realization that came to my mind is ‘I am nothing’, but when the boat start moving I realize may be ‘I am something’ as a part of whole mankind.

The beach of Saint Martin Island is something very different than the Cox’s Bazaar or Chittagong. It was my first time I went there and definitely I was bit over excited. The photo I’ve added with this post has a weird inspiration for me. The person on the photo is me and whenever I see it I mumble do it and die – that’d be a happy ending!

Footnote: Do It and Die is a warning message from one of my friends for those who are in love or in dream of love.

Few more photos here.


Walk without a Destination

It was a moonlighted night and we were sitting on a street. The moon was not so strong to overflow everything with her puzzling light but it was nearly sufficient for drawing the footsteps. I was thinking – may be it’s a dream. But it was drizzling to make me awake and realize it’s actually not a dream.

Before sitting on the street we have walked more than 7 miles in 2 hours, without a destination. Actually when we started, we had a destination but soon we lost it. We were six in a group, it was midnight and no one of us knew the exact path where we wanted to go.

It was a deep rural area, the way was muddy. First hour we didn’t even realize that we have lost our way. It was so exciting when we became sure that we have really lost our way.

Somehow we had reached our destination. It was like discovering the highest peak of the world. Then we spent the rest of the night motionless sitting on the street.

Now it seems that I just described a dream of mine!