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a dying history

panam city

the dying city. photograph by dev

Yesterday we went to sonargaon museum and panam city. It was my first visit there and I was really curious about this old historical place. Panam city was the capital of this region once upon a time. There are still some old buildings of that time standing. The buildings seem something like dummy for a movie comparing today’s structure. The famous one is ‘rajbari’ (palace) which I think the biggest one still surviving. We went there with a hope to take some pictures of it. But the gate was close with a notice hanging there ‘it’s a industrial restricted place’. We surprised… what kind of industry! Then we asked some people around about it and they told us that the palace now owns someone who set up a tyres factory inside it! We tried to enter the place but they didn’t permit. When we were looking the other buildings we find us so poor, so illiterate nation. It seems no one care about these ‘useless’ buildings. We are loosing our history everyday.