A Dream, a Nightmare

For last two and half years I’ve spent many hours looking through this window and saw the changes. Some changes were so massive that it was hard to remember what were in the past. After four and half years of my involvement with ebizzsol, I’ve decided to leave!

It was obvious and long pending. I wanted to believe some other things but everyone knew the reality before I came to know!

I always loved to remember the first day I came to this place. I can remember the dream I had in my mind and now the nightmares!

Insight Universe

the new ebizzsol website

this is one of my most experimented design. there is nothing special here but i've spent months to complete this work.

it’s the 5th year i am working at ebizzsol! sometime i wonder about this long journey… a journey of memories and lessons with lot of achievements. well, i don’t know how far i’ll go but i was mostly happy with what i had and right now i have some ideas in my head which are making me breathe. so i am alive!

i’ve started working with a new ebizzsol website from the end of 2008. it took a long year! we had some real hard time within this period and the truth is this new website is a kind of effort to regain our faith. i had lot of things in my mind when planning this site but as it’s normal, i didn’t able to express all my ideas. we are still working on some pages like the portfolio, weblog and new services. let us know what you think about it.

Gratitude Universe

Behind the Life Around Me

It was Wednesday 15 August 2007, the name came to mind for the first time – Life Around Me. I’ve created a space with that name in blogspot and that was the beginning. After a while Bapin bhai bought this domain name for me and I started dreaming to become a blogger.

At my work I’ve designed several WordPress themes for different clients but was unable to design one for me. I am feeling really good because I am going to publish a brand new post for a brand new blog that could be claimed as my site.

I am thankful to many persons for many reasons. For this site I am really thankful to Shafiq bhai and Rony bhai for developing this theme. I’ve bugged them lot and wasted their real valuable time – thank you very much!

I want to thank all the commentators of my previous life around me site who inspired me to building this site. I hope they will keep coming to this site as well and inspire me as they always did.

I am thankful to ebizzsol and Bapin bhai for their enormous supports and helps.

Thank you all.