A Dream, a Nightmare

For last two and half years I’ve spent many hours looking through this window and saw the changes. Some changes were so massive that it was hard to remember what were in the past. After four and half years of my involvement with ebizzsol, I’ve decided to leave!

It was obvious and long pending. I wanted to believe some other things but everyone knew the reality before I came to know!

I always loved to remember the first day I came to this place. I can remember the dream I had in my mind and now the nightmares!

Daily Work Madness Process Typography

work scope

sometime actually most of the time when I work, I feel myself so lucky that I have the opportunity to work (one thing should be clear: here work means which will bring you some money, food or fame or some other materialistic benefits). Leisure is good but it’s a really awful when you don’t have anything to do for a long time. So let us discuss how to make opportunities to work and definitely I’ll talk here from the perspective of a graphic designer.

1. Most importantly you need a job… no matter how much they are paying you. You need a platform to learn and show your talent.
2. It’s my belief that in this universe very few people are extra ordinary talented… real creative and definitely I am not among them. So when I work I never try to do any extra ordinary thing… don’t think that this work is going to be a milestone… I just try to understand what the client wants to say, I try to imagine a visual which ten other ordinary people also able to do. It always helps to reduce the pressure of the work.
3. Don’t be silent… share your ideas with your friends, colleagues… even sometime with the rickshaw pullers. It’ll help you to expand your work scope.
4. Patience is too important for a designer… there is no alternative. So keep practicing typography lot… it’ll help you to increase your skill and patience both.
5. Don’t give up any scope of work unless you are in a huge pressure. Sometime work just as volunteer… it helps building reputation.

Ha ha ha… so clever and wise writing! Did I ever follow any of these? I know you have your own way of working. Just keep the faith on you… you’ll be the part of the next history…


Materialistic Emotion

As far I know I should have some particular ways of expressing my emotions that will present me as an individual. I am not sure if I have any. I am having some very bad feeling for some particular reasons and I wanted to express those as my instinct says. I want to go somewhere that I even don’t know, I want to be so isolate and shed some tears and wash away what hurting me.

But no way – my universe never allows me doing so. I have lot of targets to fulfil, many schedules to meet. I am not that much big person but I already could find so many obstacles around me.

Some people say it’s my personal problem. I should be able to break all these if I wish. Yes, I also think so and I desperately want to do so. But I don’t know why I can’t.

Well, don’t feel pity for me. I think I’ve exaggerated my thoughts a bit. But it’s true and I think many people in this materialistic life have similar problems like me.

It’s natural that my work should have the reflection of my mental condition. But it won’t happen if you work in a typical corporate environment. They maintain such a work flow where you will behave just like a machine and it doesn’t matter what you have in your mind. You are just a performer and you are bound to perform your roll as the script says.