Walk without a Destination

It was a moonlighted night and we were sitting on a street. The moon was not so strong to overflow everything with her puzzling light but it was nearly sufficient for drawing the footsteps. I was thinking – may be it’s a dream. But it was drizzling to make me awake and realize it’s actually […]

Back to the beginning

#1: 1993, as far i remember this was my first picture that was taken in a studio. #2: 1995, i think this time was real wonderful time for me. #3: i was getting tall and thin… There was a sudden difference in usual life just for few hours. After 3-4 months I went to my […]

Love Around Me :: Love Made Visible

Love let you pick colours from whatever you see, it makes you concern that when the moon gets the biggest shape, and it makes you feel that a rain drop isn’t just a drop of water.

Bandarban for the Second Time

This time I became sure that mountains are beautiful during the rainy season. Everything seems clean and fresh that time though leaches could suck your blood. Its winter and the weather is dry and rough. We went through the same foot prints those we drew on last May [read the previous story]. But this time […]