Beyond Process

The obvious…

I am thinking lot about this matter for last few days. We are hurrying to a destination… willingly or unwillingly. There will be one day when I’ll be not here and it’s obvious. I am trying to imagine the scene; a world without my physical existence! Will be there any difference? Human mind can forget or absorb some sorrow very quickly… it’s needed to survive. So how long and how many people is going to remember me? I had a friend who passed away at the age of 15 and to be honest now I just can imagine his blurry face. But when he was with us, it was impossible to avoid him in any incident. A religious person told me a story about the life after death. When a person passes away us we bury him/her. For first few days we mourn lot, pray for the soul, go to the grave and discuss lot about his /her activities. Then we start forgetting… we start remember him /her occasionally and after 1/2 generation, everything fade away. At this time the God come to the soul and say “no one is here to remember you or support you, now you are all alone. So let’s analyze the deeds you’ve done in your physical life.” After hearing this story I tried to remember my grand and grand grandfathers-mothers. I could remember just few faces among hundreds. People say dying is a part of life and we all are hurrying to fulfill this part of life.