Let the Rain: Wash Away the Pain

And He it is Who sends the winds as glad tidings before His mercy, and We send down pure water from the sky, That We may thereby give life to a dead land, and give it for drink to Our creation — cattle and men in great numbers.

Al-Qur’an, Al-Furqan 48 – 49

Rain is like a bless for us – it brings life to everything, cleans the air, makes the river flowing. Often rain causes flood which makes the land fertile.

Rain is the result of an obvious cycle of nature. The existence of life will be impossible if somehow this cycle is collapsed.


Born in Rain

I came to know from my mother that the day I was born was the 8th long consecutive day the sun wasn’t seen. It was raining and raining – all through the days and nights. May be that’s why I like rain a lot.

Last year on this day it was raining the same way and that was one of the most memorable rainy story of my life. I wanted it same way this year too.

Though it was raining in the last evening but now there is no sign. When it was raining I was on the street and there was a thought in my mind – what is the first thing I can remember from my childhood?

How many days I’ve already spent from my lifetime? I guess the bigger half is gone. Oh, there are lot to be done yet! What should I feel now. It’s better not to be worried and keep counting the rest part of my life.

Madness Process Sleepless Universe

I can see the season changing…

fire on bosundhora city shopping mall

I was thinking to write something as I think always. Sometime it happens like a fountain… words start coming… I just need to move my fingers. Who invented the keyboard first? The best thing of writing on a keyboard is you don’t have to bother what you are going to write. Well, I think my subject wasn’t ‘writing on a keyboard’. …So I was thinking to write something. It’s such a long time I didn’t write anything. now I am counting… how did I pass my time? Today, it was raining in the evening. It’s the first heavy rain of the year for this city. So it has feel outside that something has washed away and if I look through that window I have to reconsider my last comment “I can see the season changing when I look through the window. I can feel it sometime when I walk under the sun… everything getting so harsh… even me as well…

One more thing, whenever I saw other blogs, I found many useful things like some technical tips or something that might help with your works. But I am not sure… is there anything useful here… in describing my crazy thoughts? Well, I think better if I share some of my experiences. Now I am working with a project of redesigning country’s most popular newspaper website and as well thinking to redesign too. So let me finish these jobs. I have some stories to tell you…


Walk in the Rain

It’s Eid day morning but it’s raining too hard. Probably it’s a good sign as it’s going to wash away all the sorrows, anxieties, and will bring freshness, happiness.

Now it’s really raining too hard.

I got up early in the morning; too earlier than normal days. I was walking through the silent village paths. It was before the rain. Nature was looking a bit different. It’s dawn, dark and cloudy with some mysterious cinematic kind of lightings.

It started raining when I was middle of the road and before I start writing I was walking in the rain.

So poetic!


Rain Drops Keep Falling on My Head

Its rainy season here and the most significant part of this season is it never follows the weather forecast. So within May to August, if you walk under the open sky of Bangladesh, you may experience a sudden shower any time. Don’t feel sorry for that.

Most of the time we consider rain as a bless, even when it causes flood. Because flood increases the fertility of land.

Anyway, few days ago on the way to my university I was caught by such a sudden rain. The photo was taken that day by my cellphone. Probably that was the first genuine rain of the year and people enjoyed it very much.

I saw girls and boys taking shower in the rain. So did I.