Right Turn, Left Turn

It was a bright sunny day when I started at Deligram. The entry was simply gorgeous – something like the best onboarding of my life. For some reason few of my friends and colleagues thought it could be a newsable incident. Luckily it didn’t go that far.

I left Deligram just in 5 months – exactly after 153 days of joining. Though I didn’t make any public announcement but all the people who came to know about it asked me the same question – why so early?

I’m not that person who’ll avoid the question but at the same time I don’t know which is the correct answer. Moreover I have a constant feeling of regret for not being able to do anything very impactful. So I often review my old task list and ask what did I miss?

It’s not an answer but recently I have a realization that if you have a feeling of doing something very right, most likely you’re walking in a wrong way.


Love Around Me :: Love is a Matter of Practice!

It seems Anger, grief, jealousy, regret… these are different dimension of love. These are part of a chain reaction which happens with love. Nothing happens if there is no action like love.

I am thinking lot about this matter for last few days. Do love is a matter of practice? I am not sure but it seems like that. Nobody is more important in my life except me. Naturally we are so forgetful… as it’s a key point of our survival. Everyday we are adding new things to our memory which creating distances with the past.

Yesterday is like history – so today’s love could be a history by day after tomorrow if there is no update tomorrow.