waiting makes you philosopher

[caption id=”” align=”alignnone” width=”620" caption=”we call this tree ‘krishnochura’. this tree wait all through the year to be praised just for once, only for few days. this is the time of krishnochura blooming.”]


‘the terminal’ is my most favorite movie for all the time. life is waiting. we wait, we have to wait. sometime waiting makes us feeling good, often its painful. but we have to wait.

i can hear a music very unfamiliar… i never heard this tune. someone playing a guitar in a very wonderful way. i hear music when i wait. but this time waiting isn’t waisting of time. that day when i was waiting under the open sky, a rain drop touched me. i’d love to wait my whole life for being touched by such a rain drop.

waiting makes you a human being, a philosopher or anything you want to be.