working with newspaper site

the best of newspaper design

For the first time I am working with a newspaper site. So last few days I have been looking into the famous news websites so much and I could even see those in my dreams. the guardian is the best in everyway… it influenced me from the very beginning. It’s amazing how the designer designed it only with the contents… it has a feeling like nothing could be better than this. New York Times is another best one with the conventional newspaper feelings. Independent is a good example of placing ads. Los angelos times is modern with a flavor of conventionality. Washington post is a site with two logos… ha ha ha… they are in real dilemma with the old and new. Bbc is classic, cnn is well designed… and many more…

My client gave a book from their archive ‘the best of newspaper design 27’. It’s a huge world… and I know nothing about it.